Interview to Sarah Chang

10-08-2017 11:38
One of the most important violinists in the World gave an exclusive interview to Olhar Direito. Sarah Chang answers ten questions about some issues related to her performance in the stage. The artist explained that the most difficult sacrifice is too travel a lot because every week she is in a...

Interview to Lara Alameh

08-02-2016 21:36
  One day before New Hampshire primary, OLHAR DIREITO spoke with Lara Alameh, an American International Affairs Consultant based in Lisbon, about some issues of the main candidates to the White House, and the results of Iowa Caucus. President Obama´s legacy was also part of the...

Interview to professor Tim Oliver

10-12-2015 21:48
  In 2016, United Kingdom will realize an referendum about European Union very important for the future of Europe and country. Professor of London School of Economics, Tim Oliver, explains to OLHAR DIREITO next steps of prime-minister and position of new Labour party leader. The referendum...