Interview to Sarah Chang

10-08-2017 11:38

One of the most important violinists in the World gave an exclusive interview to Olhar Direito. Sarah Chang answers ten questions about some issues related to her performance in the stage. The artist explained that the most difficult sacrifice is too travel a lot because every week she is in a different country and city. The success of the violinist is not restricted to music, since in 2008 was named Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. However, Sarah says she does not intend to do politics because she only gets involved in specific causes. 


"I will speak up if i feel passionate about a particular cause but I am not a politician"


How do you describe your performance during this year?

Busy, hectic, happy, bouncing around the USA, Europe and Asia making music is such an amazing job!

Which were your best moments until now?

Violinistically, there are milestones as a musician I am proud of, my New York Phil debut at 8 years old, my Carnegie Hall, Berlin Phil and Vienna Phil debuts at 13, the countless recording I've made, etc, etc, but the true memories that transcend all the personal work accomplishments are moments with my family and my dog. Nothing else makes me happier. 

Where in the world your work as a violinist has been more recognized? Why?

Classical music fans are everywhere. Doesn't matter if you're in the USA, Europe, Asia, etc. 

What was the place you liked most to act?

I love performing in Europe. Most of the composers I play are European so I feel there is a true connection there. I also enjoy the halls in the US, Carnegie Hall, Disney Hall, etc, where the venues are works of art.

Do you remember where you found the most demanding audience?

Every night! 

Do you have any ritual before you go on stage?

I always take a nap on concert days. I have lunch but not dinner before a concert. 

What was the biggest sacrifice you had to make to get far? 

Too much travel. Every week it's a different city, different country. You end up missing too many birthdays, too many weddings, too many special events. I'm trying to be better about finding a happy balance. 

How important was to be named as a Young Global Leader for 2008 by the World Economic Forum?

After a while, performing, recording, awards, etc, aren't enough. To be involved with the World Economic Forum, as well as working with children around the world of all ages and all cultures in my role as Artistic Ambassador with the USA, is the greatest honor and privilege. 

In the future, do you want to be an important actor in other area, such politics?

No. I am a musician. My first love is music. I will speak up if I feel passionate about a particular cause but I am not a politician. 

What did you feel when you hold the olympic torch in New York in 2004?

It was a huge honor! I kept telling myself don't fall while running with the torch, don't fall while running with the torch......